About Ringstar® Pet Hotel

Dear friends, there have already passed many years since we introduced the concept of pet hotel in Romania. In 2009 we embarked on an exciting journey alongside you and our non-speaking friends.

The love for animals and the experience gained from working as a training instructor since 1993 led me to create a place where I would also trust accommodating my dog.

Back then the accommodation facilities were various boarding houses which housed dogs in outdoor paddocks, inappropriately and unusual for a puppy living in an apartment.

Therefore, initially with a partner, and afterwards on my own, I revolutionized the idea of animal accommodation, setting up the first authentic pet hotel in Romania. I have transformed concrete and metal bars into air conditioning, web cams and TVs in rooms. I have moved from obscure locations that functioned to the limit of legality to a business according to all the rigors of the law, governed by respect and love for animals. I have begun a culture in this respect and I have raised the standards of pet accommodation services, inspiring many others to do so as well.

We have developed from scratch, according to the needs of the animals and the number of applications, three locations, now resumed to only one that sums up all the qualities and facilities of others. We have outlined a team that has been together for many years and has learned from past mistakes, we have taken into account your opinions, together with you we have enjoyed your happy reunion with your puppy or cat and we have constantly improved our services.

We pay attention to any suggestion from our clients and I personally assure you that our main interest is the welfare of our non-speaking guests and your relaxation when you are away from them.

Our experience is reflected in the way we organized the accommodation and exit rooms, in the pet hotel output flow, the choice of our suppliers and collaborators and, last but not least, the set of rules and conditions that you need to fulfill for your pet’s accommodation. By complying with our guidelines you are giving us support in giving all our attention and care for your dog, cat or other pet.

I would like to personally assure you that our entire team understands and assumes with great responsibility the trust that you give us when you leave your friend in our care, turning us into your partners and your pet’s friends.

Thank you and I welcome you to write to me for any kind of suggestion, problem or proposal. I would love to share with you your positive experience at Ringstar Pet Hotel! Constructive feedback helps us understand what we need to improve or even change, and your appreciative comments give us the joy of continuing what we already do well.

PS: What is the story of our hotel’s name “Ringstar”? Everything I built is based on love for Ringo, spoiled “Ring”, the dog that has changed and saved my life and who is now a star.

Robert Caraman
Canine training instructor
General Manager
e-mail: robert.caraman@ringstar.ro